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Vehicules for animations


Absolutely ideal for outdoor exhibitions (summer as well as winter winter) the podium truck is dedicated to promote your animation.
This structure with a strong visual impact will promote the notoriety of your manifestation and the one of your partners.
This structure is free for arrangements from your simple logo or trademark to a total advertisement covering.
We can according to your needs and your visual chart equip, arrange, personnalize or even accessorize it

vehicle dedicated to advertising

This vehicle dedicated to advertising is equipped with an external plateau on the rear side and with sound recording. Ideally fitted for advertising caravan or simply to be present and follow an event.
It offers an excellent support communication with the colours or logo of your firm it fits very well all the opportunity to promote, demonstrate and distribute your products.

Véhicule publicitaire


Benefit from of an important public visual tool on the trunk of the truck at the colours or logo of your firm and  at the place of your choice.    

Poids Lourds Iveco

Vehicule dedicated to advertising

This vehicle has a large storage space, a sound system integrated with two exits on each side of the vehicle. A rear deck allows direct contact with the outside for a distribution or otherwise. This vehicle is ideal for advertising or to attend events. Depending on your desire, it may be on your own colors.

Vehicule distrib bis

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